As of February 4th, it has been a year since Rebecca came to live with us!

Here are some random facts about Becky: 

She loves Jane Austen, her favorite Jane Austen heroine being Catherine Morland and her favorite crush (eh-hem, hero) Henry Tilney. :) 

She would love to meet a faun and take a voyage on the Dawn Treader.

Her favorite era to dress up in is the Regency era (approx. 1795-1820), though she enjoys most fashion eras from 1600 until the present.  She loves the color purple, especially in floral prints.

Her favorite Bible passage is Romans 1:16-17.  "For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.   For in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith for faith, as it is written, 'The righteous shall live by faith.'"

Rebecca is fascinated by her Russian Jewish heritage.  She loves kitties and teddy bears.

Happy Adoption Day, Becky!  We are so glad you came to live with us!  Love you, girl!
2/9/2011 05:16:14 am

Wow! I wouldn't have guessed that it's already been a year. Happy adoption day Becka! =-P

2/9/2011 05:33:23 am

What a lovely site! My sisters and I never grew out of dolls either! :) Here is our doll blog if you'd care to take a peek!


2/9/2011 08:04:07 am

I can't believe that I start to cry when I read about the Christmas when we gave you girls the dolls. Such a sweet time that was and what a blessing the dolls have been to you girls over the years.

2/9/2011 09:17:10 am

Remember how I was waiting for Rebecca to arrive when you and Emily were at our house? :-D

Thank you for the link to your blog! It's lovely!

I do sometimes too! They have been so wonderful to grow up with! <3 <3 <3 Thank you so much for getting them for us!

Anna A.
3/6/2011 03:33:36 am

Hi Melanie! I rember when you got Rebecca!!! You were soo happy! My American Girl Dolls were very happy too! Can't wait to do a photo story with you soon!!!
~Anna <3

4/1/2011 10:14:07 am

Rebecca is so beautiful! I myself believe we never grow out of our favorite childhood dolls. I cannot give up my Little Lissie Missy (Felicity), I break out in tears! I remember the day she came when I was 11. The date was Febuary 17, we have been a family for five years next Febuary!

P.s. Lissie loves your websie!

Anna A. (Tikal - 7175520)
4/20/2011 04:28:17 am

thats cool! Felicity (my American Girl doll) has lost her pin curls, and her hair is getting frizzer each day, but I still love her! She has 3 pretend horses that she can ride, a foal she can take care of, a stable i got for Christmas this year, and of course, a Best friend (Elizabeth) to share all the fun with! she also has Kit, and Jessica. (also Courtney) :) its almost a set! lol
i love horses <3 they r so beautiful, graceful, and just playing wonderful creatures‼ hope 2 do a photo story with you soon Melanie!


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