by Sonali

The last couple days, the temperatures have gone up from the mid-teens (Fahrenheit) to the mid-50s!  Most of the snow as melted, except along the roads, and the daffodils are beginning to peek out. 
Miss Melanie took Rebecca and me outside for a photoshoot.  We had to stay on the deck or the porch, however, because it is so muddy due to the melting snow!   I didn't mind too much though; it was warm and the sun was shining! :D
Unfortunately, most of the pictures didn't turn out, but we all liked this one... it's a very lovely shot of Rebecca!
And here is Rebecca daydreaming. ;) 
3/5/2011 02:44:03 am

Hi! Have I met you yet? My name is Elizabeth, Lissie's friend. I love this website! Its soo cool! I didn't know that Miss Melanie got Kirsten when she was seven, thats cool! Your lucky to have a Kirsten as a friend, you know shes retired right? :( I wish She wasn't. Lissie's retired too, but...The American Girl company is STILL SELLING HER!!!!! Wow right? Im glad we live in the same house. TTYL!!!!! LYLAS!!!!
~Anna A.-LYLAS Melanie!


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