Doll Repair

Dolls are loved.  And while they are loved, catastrophes happen.  They fall off beds and their limbs get wobbly.  Little sisters get a hold of them and decided to paint their nails.  Or their hair becomes a tangled, frizzy mess after many brushings and play sessions.

I got into doll repair when, after twelve years, I decided my Kirsten needed a makeover.  The poor darling had developed a rat's nest on her head, her face paint had faded, her eyes had clouded, and she had ink marks and an overall layer of dirtiness all over her.  My first project was to fix her hair.  Part of this was done just by patient and careful brushing; then I shampooed her hair and gave it a nice long Downy Dunk.  My second project was to clean her skin.  A little scrubbing with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser took off that layer of dirtiness and gave her such a shine that her skin looked almost cleaner than my new doll's!  Another undertaking, comparatively minor, was to replace the color in her cheeks.  She went from looking like she had the flu to looking very cheerful and rosy.

Doll repair is a delight.  It is wonderful to see a doll transform for a sad, worn-out look to a healthy, happy girl.   However, I am not an expert and cannot solve every problem.  I offer the following services for the indicated prices:

Your doll lost a limb?  Or is her arm hanging on by a mere thread?  We can take care of that!
One leg--$8
Both legs--$12
One arm--$5
Both arms--$10
All 4 limbs--$18

Complete hair re-conditioning
Is your doll's hair unmanageable, or dry and frizzy?  Here's help from someone who's been through it before...
(Includes a shampoo, Downy dunk, and straightening.   Not for dolls with curly or very wavy hair.)

Skin cleaning--$2
This process will remove inkstains and dirt layers from your doll's limbs.  Can remove nail polish as well.  Areas with face paint will not be treated unless you are prepared for a pale face and a face-coloring session as well.

New neckstring--$1
This will replace a zip-tie fastening or frayed or cut ties attaching the doll's head.

We do not pay for shipping.  Money orders and Paypal are accepted.  

I DO NOT REPLACE LIMBS, EYES, OR WIGS (unless the replacement limbs are provided by the client). If you would like to send your dollie in to Kirsten & Friends Doll Repair Shop, please drop me a message in the contact form below.  Kirsten and I will take good care of her and get her back to you good as new.

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    Doll Repair
    Does your doll need some touch-up?  Drop us a message, describing the problem, and we'll see what we can do!