Name: Kirsten "Kirsty" Anderson

Years Lived With Me: 12

Heritage: Her great-great-great-grandmother, Kirsten Larson, came over to America from Sweden in 1854.

Personality: sweet and thoughtful, somewhat shy and yet always aware of the needs of others and willing to step out of her comfort zone to help others

Interests: family, friends, living out the Christian life in her relationship with God and others, making photo stories, doll repair,  the Western expansion, the color blue, cats, flowers, nature/creation, school


Name: Rebecca "Becky" Anderson

Years Lived With Me: 1

Heritage: Her great-grandmother Rebecca Rubin was a Russian Jew whose family emigrated from Russia to the U.S. in the early 1900's

Personality: lively and dramatic, very outgoing, having an enthusiasm for new and interesting things and for entertaining

Interests: family, friends, the Christian life, acting for photo stories, stop motion videos, reaching out to Jewish people, flowers, cities, the color purple, dogs, the Regency era, modeling for the Etsy shop


Name: Sonali "Nali" Anderson

Years Lived With Me: 1/2

Heritage: Her father is American and her mother is from Dohnavur, India.  I adopted her from a member on the American Girl Fans Message Board.

Personality: very shy and quietly creative, with a love for literature and an interest in reaching out to people through writing

Interests: family, friends, the Christian life, missions, writing, world literature, blogging, journaling, bright colors, photography, long hair, cats, her Indian heritage