One day this last summer (I believe it was late August or early September) I was getting a photoshoot of Sonali and Kirsten.  Kirsten wanted to pose by a certain tree in our yard, but before we started getting pictures, she noticed this cutesy little caterpillar trekking down the trunk of the tree.  She was too cute to resist taking pictures of as she watched the caterpillar climb.  It reminded me to the Burl Ives song from "Summer Magic", so I made this little collage of it with some. :)
2/12/2011 10:06:17 am

That is so cute! And, I LOVE that song. We sing it all the time. :)


Anna A.
3/6/2011 03:38:36 am

Hi Melanie! Is Kirsten having fun looking into nature??? I would. :) Can't wait till its summer and until we get together to do another photo story! GTGLYS!!!


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